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Simple Family Thanksgiving Ideas: Goodies & Gifts to Keep it Basic This Year

Simple Family Thanksgiving Ideas: Goodies & Gifts to Keep it Basic This Year

Raise your hand if you’re tired. Same here. And yet, most of us want a cozy space and a fun Turkey Day, so we press on. Here are a few items to bring the Thanksgiving spirit, help you keep the kids out of the kitchen while the goodness cooks, and usher in rad memories.  Click… Continue Reading

Kicked Out of the Bank: When Rejection Suddenly Strikes You and Your Family

Kicked Out of the Bank: When Rejection Suddenly Strikes You and Your Family

A few years into Baja living, my husband learned to roll with the inconvenient punches, knew exactly how to pay all the bills in person, and understood the cultural norms.  But of all the places we visited in the city, going to a Mexican bank never felt fun.  Funky restaurants? Yes.  The Italian gelato shop?… Continue Reading

Optimists and Their Kryptonite: Why Blowing Sunshine Doesn’t Always Work

Just because I normally see my kombucha bottle as half full doesn’t mean I don’t get sad when it’s empty.  A large portion of optimists I know tend to be funny, super friendly, or both. One friend said she’s the funniest on social media when she’s depressed or going through muck.  Another posts closeup pics… Continue Reading

Goin’ to the Marketplace to OfferUp Stuff: Tips for Selling Good Junk Online

“How much for this?” “Ten dollars. It’s real silver.” “Will you take two?” Garage sale offers like this always made me want to blurt, “Two what? Two goats? Two crates of eggs? Two dozen avocados? No. I said ten. Not ten shillings, not ten pesos, ten dollars.” “How about five?” And ‘round and ‘round we’d… Continue Reading

Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Besides the fact that Mother’s Day is definitely not canceled this year, most moms I know need a little boost. From more cooking and creativity to more discipline and boredom busters, quarantine fatigue is real, y’all.  But just because our great-grandmas might have wanted rose perfume and lace aprons doesn’t mean we do. Fun gifts… Continue Reading

Mexican Manna: Do You Know What You Need?

In case you’re considering launching a cross-cultural ministry, organic enterprise or local venture, here are two things I wish someone would have told me before our family took off for the great unknown.  Buckle up—they’re both extremely complex and ridiculously basic: Humans will disappoint you. God will provide for you. On some level, I already… Continue Reading

Boring Testimonies: No Drama Necessary

My second boyfriend acted like a goody-two-shoes, but mostly wasn’t. My third boyfriend had a long scar on his face. I never asked why. My fifth boyfriend lived in a group home and wasn’t that into… talking.  My sixth got kicked out of school, but I don’t remember why. My husband tells stories of his… Continue Reading

Dear Gray Hairs: Stop Yer Moanin’

Nothin’ like receiving a personalized letter from my healthcare provider to make me feel cared for.  And geriatric.  Dear Carrie, The recent x-ray of your neck shows degenerative disease. Arthritis, also called osteoarthritis, is a breakdown of the cartilage that cushions your joints.  How can you care for yourself at home? Use a cane, crutch,… Continue Reading