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Cow Tongues, Colostomy Bags & The Donut Man

  They’ve made me wonder, empathize, laugh and sigh. Cultural differences that aren’t right and aren’t wrong, just different. It was a common phrase we challenged every Ventana student over the years. Just because something is different than what we’re used to doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It might look strange to our American eyes, but… Continue Reading

She Just Knew

  We stood in the back of the rustic church and rocked our boys like footballs. My only goal was to gently bounce mine into sleep. I was focused on us. I had noticed her before but we were quite different and not drawn to one another. Coming from an indigenous Mexican background she was awkwardly… Continue Reading

The Circus Next Door

  I asked God to direct my writing and give me material. This is not what I had in mind.   Large trucks pull into the empty lot around lunchtime. The photo-wrapped trailer shimmies up to the far fence and faces the road. The other one shimmies up to our side yard. That’s close enough,… Continue Reading

New Baja Blogger On The Block

  What do pink hearts, a spotless house, and baby bunnies have in common?  They’re all things you won’t find here. What you might find: confessions, reviews, recommendations, how-to’s. What you’ll definitely find: an optimistic wife and mom who misses friends, consumes avocados in bulk, deals with guilt, yields to power naps, loves to write,… Continue Reading

Not Your Typical Pediatrician (Weight While You Wait)

  “Be content with your surroundings, but not with yourself till you have made the most of them.” ~Anonymous     It used to be a house. But narrow hallways of tile now lead to random doors of desired wellness. Medical buildings typically have some sort of theme: women’s issues, children’s health, mental well-being. Not… Continue Reading